Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Well, it is more difficult than you know to continually post to a blog (actually a few of you probably DO know). My solution is to post the Otis Inc LA International Orders of the Day to the blog which automatically get re-posted to the other normal sites. This way we can have more regular blog posts AND still get our Otis Inc LA IOOTD posts out to the the other sites. I will still try to post to the blog with more interesting stuff than this but maybe it will kick start some routine writing on my part. Any suggestions would be welcomed. So, here goes...

Otis Inc LA IOOTD (international orders of the day). Since yesterday was President's Day and there was no mail we will combine Monday and Tuesday. One set of Otis Inc LA lug covers to New Zealand and another set of Otis Inc LA lug covers to Italy! 
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