Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Otis Inc LA IOOTD (international orders of the day). Not one of our busier international days but we had one set of Otis Inc LA lug covers to the USSR. Yes, we are going to continue to call them the USSR until they stop acting like it! One set of RAD wheel locks to CANADA and I think that might do it. 

We are so short on time that we seldom have the time to write anything other than the IOOTD but I thought that I would gripe about the bike thieves/meth dealers that park at the end of the street. They obviously invite a not so nice element to the neighborhood but their customers then cruise the alleys on bikes (newly purchased stolen bikes) and skateboards looking for stuff to steal. Summer is coming and we would really like to work with the roll up doors open but the current situation makes this a little unnerving. We said at the opening of our blog that it would include some stuff "that just bugs us" and here it is. It is really f***ed up! Just take a look and see what I mean!

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