Monday, April 7, 2014

Otis Inc LA IOOTD (international orders of the day). REALLY? A whole weekend went by and we had no international orders. Well, we had an international order off the website from guess where....CANADA but we are shipping him his set of 7mm and 15mm Black Porsche Wheel Spacers with Black Bolts to his hotel while he is on vacation at the Loews on Coronado Island in San Diego so that's like half of an international order. I want to be on vacation at the Loews on Coronado Island. But wait, here is another CANADIAN website order for a set of RAD wheel locks.

What I really want to talk about is the stopping of support for Windows XP by Microsoft. They are making this out to be another Y2K when in reality if precautions are taken it is just fine to continue to use XP. Needless to say I wasted the good part of a beautiful Sunday and a Monday morning looking for Windows 7 only to discover that it is totally unnecessary and a waste of money. I am posting the link to the article that explains the precautions that are needed but  DO NOT WORRY your computer in not going to explode. It is all media hype once again. Maybe this will save you the angst and time that I wasted on this. The article is from Leo Laporte so it can be trusted. Here ya go!

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